Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby Gown for Peyton

I love my first Baby Day Gown. I took a class at Material Girls Fabric Shop to learn how to do some of the basic heirloom sewing techniques. It was especially nice to have someone to gift with this first attempt. Baby Peyton was born just before I completed it. Now I can't wait to make another one! Maybe pink next time?

For this one I chose white batiste as my fabric. I had some very nice lace just crying out to be used. I wish I had more of the lace. I think it would have added to it tremendously, but I used what I had and wasn't able to find more to match. This is some left over from another plan for a dress for a toddler. The only other embellishment added was machine embroidery down the center front. This design is from a "Martha Pullen" embroidery designs for babies CD (available from I can't say enough about the beauty of the design. It is exquisitely perfect!

For my next baby gown I'm going to be using pink batiste with white embroidery (maybe) and tucks. Of course the fabric will be from Material Girls and the embroidery design from Martha Pullen.

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