Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Outfit for Emma

I finally got back to sewing what I love best to sew! Sewing something for Emma always makes me happy. This was especially fun, because I love the idea of the lollipop -- she doesn't have them often -- they're reserved for haircut days! And of course I love anything with her name on it. I enjoyed putting the little ruffles on the short pants. They make them a little more feminine to my way of thinking. Her parents don't usually put her in frilly girly things so this is my girly fashion stamp for her. I hope she likes it. She usually voices her approval of "Cute" to the same things I like. I know she is going to be a good shopping buddy when she gets a little older. I hope you will like my sewing, too. The applique design is from Lisa of Pickle Pie Designs. Check out her blog to see the matching machine embroidery in-the-hoop hair prettie. And of course, the picture didn't work. Sorry.

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